Celebrating Women in e-Commerce this International Women’s Day 2021

Women in e-commerce

The interesting thing about wellness is that it has a different meaning to different people. To some, it might mean physical wellness or fitness. To others, wellness means beauty, and to some folks, it is a good mental space. No one is wrong as it can be defined as the overall well-being.  In the spirit of international women’s day, we will cover women in e-commerce who are movers and shakers in the wellness industry. Women have been taking an active role in addressing issues of wellness. That is nutrition, fertility, mental, and much more. Here are some of the top women in e-commerce health and wellness industry that we’d like to celebrate.

1. Women in e-Commerce: Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop 

Women in ecommerce
Credit: Goop.com

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress and the founder of Goop, a wellness brand launched in 2008 that started as a weekly newsletter. From a brand that began in her kitchen, Goop has grown to become the successful global e-commerce business it is today. Goop has been successful in giving unbiased recommendations to wellness enthusiasts for better living. 

She is an inspiration to women who strive to make it in the world of e-commerce. She shares with other women that for one to be successful they must be direct in their communication, be intellectually humble, embrace mistakes and look beyond criticism.

Be direct in their communication, be intellectually humble, embrace mistakes and look beyond criticism.

2. Lauren Ash: Founder of Black Girl in Om

Women in ecommerce
Credit: blackgirlinom.com

When we think of women in e-commerce, Lauren Ash one name that comes top of mind every time. She is a wellness ambassador and visionary that champions a healthy lifestyle. She launched Black Girl in Om in 2014 to all women of color to breakthrough into the wellness industry. 

Her inspiration came about when she noticed that she was one of the few black women who attended wellness workshops. Since its launch, Black Girl in Om has become a successful and influential platform. 

Over time, this phenomenal woman used her platform to uplift the overall wellness of the community by sensitizing black women to prioritize their mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

3. Arianna Huffington: Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

Women in ecommerce
Credit: thriveglobal.com

Arianna Huffington started her career as a media mogul. Along the way, she suffered severe burnout, and she quit her job at Huffington Post. This is when her journey as a wellness advocate. 

She then launched Thrive Global, which was designed to address that very issue, severe burnout. Her platform was set to help people improve their mental strength, productivity, and overall health. 

Thrive Global is a story of success. It was recently listed as one of the most sought startups in the United States. Thrive Global has impacted how companies view success and helps them understand the importance of well-being. Thrive Global has changed the way people work, reducing stress at the workplace and boosting productivity.

4. Taylor Simpson: Founder of The Money Mindset Masterclass

Women in ecommerce
Credit: taylorsimpson.com/masterclass

Taylor Simpson is yet another woman in e-commerce who has left her mark on the wellness industry and the world. She is the founder of The Money Mindset Masterclass, which is a very successful online program. The program is designed to eliminate money blocks by getting financial clarity and being real about one’s personal finances. 

Her goal is to help women achieve everything they want by creating an abundance mindset by motivating women to focus on abundance in all areas of their lives. 

5. Women in e-Commerce- Brynn Putnam: Founder and CEO of MIRROR

Women in ecommerce
Credit: mirror.co

Brynn Putnam makes our women in e-commerce list by helping busy women achieve their fitness goals with convenience, and without sacrificing quality by inventing Mirror. 

The idea crossed her mind when she was so busy and unable to go to the gym for a workout. She visualized a product that would offer real-time instruction, feedback, group settings, and surround sound similar to a real gym experience. 

The home gym startup is now worth $300M and great success in the fitness industry.

Take away

Women in e-commerce are shaking the health and wellness industry up while also making a significant difference in the world. We are talking about innovations and programs that help individuals achieve overall wellness. Be it physical, financial, mental, and spiritual. The women above are just among the many who are making a difference in the health and wellness industry driven by the passion for improving individuals’ quality of life. For all the women in e-commerce, QuickBox Fulfillment raises its glass to you!