An Inside Look: QuickBox Fulfillment Warehouse, Inventory Management and Scalability

Inventory Management

Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by QuickBox Fulfillment 

Have you continuously faced stockouts with active sales orders of your successful e-Commerce products? Have you gotten to the root cause of this e-Commerce nightmare? The cause generally is due to the lack of strategic planning of inventory management, warehouse management and delivery system. The best solution to get back on track with your entire fulfillment management is to outsource the overall process of your product delivery, where everything is coordinated with on pair of expert hands.

Let’s get started by reviewing the overall strategy of our fulfillment service center that will turn your E-Commerce business into a smooth running, money making machine. In this article, we focus in on our warehouse management, our inventory management system and how our set up allows plenty of room for your business to grow.

Our Fulfillment Warehouse and What Makes It Best Suited for Your Business

Our 105,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art warehouse is temperature-range controlled and provides a great amount of customer-valued specific services. Among them, the FEFO inventory system is the most remarkable and compelling to our clients. FEFO is a first expiration in and first out system. The FDA requires and approves this inventory system for nutrition, skin, and food products.

The FEFO is a versatile and straightforward process of methodizing and supervising and has a set priority of moving final materials between any phases of operations. The delivery is performed according to the prior date of consumption and expiration regardless of the date of entry or procuration. Products have to be used according to the expiration date, so to manage the best quality and customer experience, we use the FEFO method. That’s not all; our logistic experts continuously communicate with you to better understand your specific strategy and customize the process to be best apt for your requirements. We provide the best economic and profitable warehousing service for you.

Our Fulfillment Inventory Management System Ideal for Your eCommerce Businesses


Easily Scalable Fulfillment Model To Allow Your eCommerce Business to Grow

Want to take off a new campaign suddenly or make an expansion in your product line? Don’t worry; we have an easily scalable procedure to handle the daily fluctuation efficiently. We are always ready to manage and plan our staff on a daily basis so that we can honor any of your projected volumes. Don’t worry if any further escalation is urgent, because we have the plenty of space for the accommodation of your product growth. In addition, we have the best attainable people to ensure errorless delivery of products on time, every day. With our wholesale and private labeling programs, QuickBoxOnDemand would help you estimate the demands, control the inventory and provide the high-quality products to the end customers at the lowest wholesale price.

As the products are scheduled on a daily basis, you can share any of your plans or rescale your orders at any time. We can maintain the scalability with the same level of performance and efficiency. If you cannot handle the scalability, then you opt to lose the efficiency and fail to meet the market demand. We are here to help you on the most demanding and profitable episode of your business.

To Conclude

As you can see, we are the perfect fulfillment management center with integrated fulfillment services for a growing business that is in the health and beauty industry. We will handle all the logistics so you can focus on growing your business. QuickBox provides the best-dedicated service of warehousing and product management with affordable pricing and 24/7 client service access. Our promise is not just to deliver your products accurately as per your demand, but to maintain a long-term relationship to make your life easier and make your business expectedly successful.

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