E-commerce Wholesale – Making the Transition to Using a Fulfillment Center

The transition from a small business with small-time quantity delivery commitments to a big businesses dealing with big-box retailers demanding far more numbers delivered within a stipulated time is a huge step up for every entrepreneur or business owner. Simply put, everything becomes a bit more difficult- especially order fulfillment! In this article we discuss how to transition into using a fulfillment center for your scaling business. It is the reason why many stay awake all night going through market survey sheets, graphs, and charts of every statistic in order to get the edge over the competition. However, more often than not business owners find out that they are not truly ready for this change as they often find themselves unable to meet the demand that comes with this upgrade. Contrasting the services, the requirement of operating as a business with small quantity commitments and that of operating as a business with bigger commitments exposes why many struggle. For one your small time business which is heavily involved in the production, packaging, and the delivery of your items to few customers would find itself stretched trying to meet up to demands of big-box stores,which come with huge demand figures. This is coupled with rigorous packaging schemes of different big-box stores on how they want their products to packaged and delivered. Another complexity in the nature of e-commerce wholesale is the cash-flow. often times big-box retailers do not pay until 60 days after delivery which means you will go a period of time without being paid.On top of this, the margins of profit become smaller as the volume of output grows which overall entails that you would need to output more with little payment over a longer period of time. So the question now is how then do we maintain this upgrade to e-commerce wholesale, manage effectively and without bring harm to our businesses and ensuring its continuous growth? The answer, in this case, is fulfillment centers. This is the simple and most plausible answer to whatever problems or fears that might find itself arising as a result to your upgrades. 

What are Fulfillment Centers?

Fulfillment centers are organizations and companies that handle the logistics of products of a particular company in terms of packaging, warehousing, and- delivery. An effective fulfillment center takes the burden off your shoulders letting you focus solely on the production and marketing aspect of your company. They tailor packaging conditions according to your desires and ship to your customers which in this case could the big-box retailers or individuals via an ecommerce store like Shopify. For every small business in transition, fulfillment centers are indispensable to your company’s success.

Why you should use QuickBox Fulfillment center?

QuickBox Fulfillment center operate using the best fulfillment industry practices to deliver satisfactory service for all its customers. It works 24-hours,seven days of the week, 365 days of the year, to ensure quality client experience and a positive upturn in revenue. For e-commerce wholesale,QuickBox Fulfillment center is your best bet as it packages and delivers products according to the requirements of retailers with little margin for error. They work judiciously to ensure a smooth operation all through your company. Imbibed in their work culture and structure is the desire to give people another chance and this includes new immigrants, the homeless, ex-convicts and disabled Veterans. There is no doubt about it that we cannot do it all by ourselves in some aspects of life that is why when it comes to e-commerce wholesale you should not be afraid to outsource. Look for a company you can trust, use QuickBox. Give us a call today at 303-757-6500 or email us at sales@quickbox.comto learn more about why we are your #1 choice for a 3rd party logistics partner.

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