4 Top Pet Products for 2020

top pet products for 2020

The pet industry has been experiencing steady growth since 1994. By 2025, it is projected that the pet industry will be worth $202 billion. The growing demand for pets and pet products has increased competition in the industry and also caused a significant growth as some of the players operate with e-commerce stores. Let’s take a look at the top pet products for 2020.

Top Pet Products for 2020 #1: Dog Seat Covers

Dog owners love to take their pets to the malls, parks, vacations, and of course, veterinary visits. As much as the pet owners love their dogs, they don’t like the idea of the fur and dirty paws damaging their seats. Seat covers are removable and easy to wash, providing the convenience needed by pet owners in keeping their car seats clean. Therefore, these products have a high demand, making them a top pet product for 2020.

Top Pet Products for 2020 #2: Dog toothbrush

Dental hygiene is one of the things that most pet parents worry about when they first own a pen. Cleaning a pet’s teeth is not an easy job. Therefore, owners will go for anything that will help them keep the teeth of their pets clean. Dog toothbrushes are a very popular pet product for 2020. The dog chews on the dog toothbrush effortlessly, as the product does all the cleaning.

Top Pet Products for 2020 #3: Self-Warming Bed

Pet owners want to keep their furry friends comfortable at all times. This, however, becomes almost impossible during extreme weather conditions like winter. This bed reflects your pet’s body heat to keep pets’ beds cozy and warm. The fantastic part is that this bed will not have an impact on utility bills as they don’t use electricity.

Top Pet Products for 2020 #4: Automatic feeder

Pet smart technology is a rising trend in 2020. Pet owners are looking for solutions that will make their responsibilities easy and, at the same time, keep their pets comfortable. Automatic pet feeders are among the products that most pet owners want. An automatic pet feeder can be programmed to dispense a certain amount of food at set times. This helps the pet owner to ensure that their pet feeds well, even in their absence. 

There are also tons of automated toys that are in high demand. Such is meant to keep the pets entertained and active. Such products include puzzles, bones, jabbering balls, and even toy lasers.

To conclude

Looking out for the trends for pet products will give you a competitive advantage and help your store grow. Above are only a few of the pet product trends in 2020. What items are you selling and spotting a rapid demand with?

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