Third-Party Testing & Why It Is Important for E-Commerce Health & Wellness Companies

third-party testing

Thanks to the advancement in technology, accessibility and affordability of technology today, the business space have witnessed major positive shifts. Today, you do not need to own a physical store to be able to serve your market. More so, as a customer, you are not required to travel many miles to get access to the products you need. eCommerce has particularly lead to the growth of the health and wellness industry. Studies show that millennials and other groups spend a lot of their income on health and wellness. This indicates that there is a ready and growing market for the health and wellness industry. However, to thrive in this industry, you need to guarantee the safety of your customers, and that is where third-party testing plays a critical role.

Why does it matter to have third party testing done on supplements and other health and wellness products?

Health and wellness products are sensitive, and consumers want products that they know will be effective and not have detrimental effects on their health. Third-party testing is something that products must undergo in the health and wellness industry today.

Entrepreneurs are investing in this industry and have also found ways they can meet their customer’s needs. They have noted the need to provide their customers with choice, and this has led to them taking up the idea of venturing into e-commerce to align themselves with the new customer behavior of online shopping.

It is required that your health and fitness products go through third-party testing in an independent lab, to eliminate conflict of interest concerns. It is also vital that a reputable lab does the third-party testing for your products so that your analysis is valid. Here are the reasons why third-party testing is essential for health and wellness e-commerce businesses.

It is required that your health and fitness products go through third-party testing in an independent lab, to eliminate conflict of interest concerns.

1. Third-party Testing Helps Build Trust

Consumers today are informed, and they understand the importance of doing window shopping before buying a product. When it comes to matters of health and wellness, the customers will be particular about the quality of the products they purchase. At this point, your word that the products are fit and approved for their use alone will not be enough. You have to do a better job convincing them that they can trust the products you are selling.

A third-party test report for your product will do the job. A certification by a third-party lab will carry more weight than just your word.

2. Third-Party Testing Helps Confirm the Efficacy of Your Products

eCommerce thrives on referrals and repeat customers. For customers to come back to you after using your products, they have to show effectiveness. If your products include vitamins, supplements, and so on, third-party testing will help in assessing how potent and efficient the product is. This is something that you are not able to establish all by yourself. However, with a third-party input, you will know how effective your product will be, and you will also have the confidence to tell your customers that they can rely on your products.

3. Giving Consumers the Right to Choose What is Good for Them

A certified supplement and other wellness products provide detailed information on the potency of the products, the percentage of different ingredients, and so on. For a customer who uses the products from time to time, they are aware of what works for them. Attaching a third-party testing report gives customers all the information they need to choose a product that works best for them. This goes a step further in achieving customer satisfaction while running your health and wellness e-commerce company.

4. Third-Party Testing & Safety

There have been tons of cases whereby athletes have suffered health issues for consuming untested supplements. More so, health and wellness products may contain ingredients that can cause athletes to get sanctioned. Testing your products will help you identify ingredients that are not recommended for customers with different needs and indicate that. That way, you will be able to protect your customers. They are aware of the products that they are not supposed to be consuming, and with the ingredients highlighted in the report, they are able to stay away from products that could harm their health. This way, you will avoid attracting lawsuits to your business.

5. Compliance to Regulations

Health and wellness products are expected to meet the market standards before they are approved for use. Third-party testing is critical if you want to be able to sell your products in the first place. Without the certification, you may not be allowed even to market your product. Not only will this be bad for your bottom line, but in one way or another production of the health and wellness products might be impeded.

Do You Sell Certified Supplements?

Third-party testing for health and wellness products goes a long way in creating credibility for your brand, meeting the regulatory requirements of the specific industry, and ensuring the efficacy and safety of your products. If you have an e-commerce health and wellness company, ensure that you partner with a reputable third-party lab.

Private Label Products & Third Party Testing

QuickBox Fulfillment offers a fully GMP certified and third-party tested private label program. We provide our clients with a Certificate of Analysis for each product we carry, all of which have been custom formulated by our CEO, Stephen Adele. If you would like to learn more about our private label program, visit our website today!