4 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Supply Chain Management

supply chain management

Technology has been contributing significantly to the success of organizations across industries. Manufacturing companies, BPOs, schools, and logistics companies have integrated technology to increase efficiency and save time and money. The supply chain industry has recently seen a shift to technology as most businesses lean on technology for their operations. Effective supply chain management is critical to the success of other operations and the business as a whole. Integrating technology into supply chain operations will go a long way in enhancing the organization’s overall performance. 

Here are four ways that you can use technology to improve your supply chain management.

1.) Effective management of broad supplier networks to enhance your supply chain management

Most manufacturers have thousands of suppliers distributed across the country. While the numbers make it possible for products to reach the consumers, handling the supply chain can be taxing. You need to know that you are working with compliant and reliable suppliers to gain a competitive edge and eliminate loss.

Supply chain management solutions will help you collect, analyze and store supplier information, manage supplier relationships, manage contracts with suppliers, and risk management. With technology, it is easy to evaluate suppliers’ performance and have control over how contracts are being managed.  

The tool also helps in supplier sourcing, saving you a lot of time that you would have otherwise used to identify a given supplier category. You will not have to hire hundreds of staff to oversee the suppliers. 

2.) Increased supply chain visibility

62% of the organizations have limited visibility on their supply chain operations. You do not want your business to fall under this category. Supply chain visibility is essential. If you cannot comprehend your workflow, the chances are high that there will be a lack of synchronization, which can negatively impact your operations. 

Incorporating technology is a sure way of enhancing visibility across your supply chain, enhancing transparency, and ensuring that every staff member has the information they need to collaborate. Supply chain visibility will go a long way in reducing risks and related costs.

Through this, businesses can establish the areas ailing from inefficiency and redirect them. 

With the use of the tools for visibility, there will be a notable improvement in performance as managers can keep track of their progress. The visibility is critical in bring to the attention the existing gaps and allowing the opportunities to address them in good time. 

3.) Enhance customer satisfaction using supply chain management technology

All supply chain operations are designed to meet superior levels of customer satisfaction. The use of supply chain management AI goes a long way in enhancing customer communication and ensuring they have everything they need.

Technology will equip you with information ranging from location maps, tracking field personnel, order tracking, and much more. Through these technologies, on-time delivery will be improved through proactive order management, effective scheduling, and diversity and access to delivery options.

Using these tools, businesses can employ on-demand fulfillment to get the goods closer to their customers and overcome the challenge of delayed delivery. Technology supports agile inventory strategies that ensure that customer needs and demands are met throughout the year, leading to heightened satisfaction. 

Through tracking systems, businesses can notify customers of their orders’ progress, allowing them enough time to plan on availability for delivery. Some of the consumers’ pain points regarding order delivery include errors, delays, and lost inventory.

Technology has addressed the mentioned challenge in a significant way. It has eliminated errors by ensuring that allocation processes are accurate, reduced delays, and tracking carriers, ensuring that diversion doesn’t take place and goods get to where they need to be.

PULL QUOTE: Risk in the supply chain is inevitable, so risk management is given priority in the sector.

4.) Using technology for better risk management

There are tons of risks involved with supply chain management. To name a few, shortage of trackers, bad weather, lockdowns such as ones caused by Covid-19, and financial constraints. Risk in the supply chain is inevitable, so risk management is given priority in the sector. The mentioned issues can lead to costly disruptions in the supply chain leading to the loss of money and hurt customer satisfaction. Technology has helped manage risks in the supply chain by ensuring effective communication and faster response to such issues.

The different tools allow the collection of data which is critical to risk management. By establishing vital patterns and trends, businesses can have contingency plans in place in a risk event. With the help of algorithms, companies can spot a shift in demand that will inform their production planning and protect them from financial risks. 

Technology is at the center of risk management as businesses can turn to it for strategy formulation and informed planning. Through the different risk mitigation plans, productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction are maintained. 


Employing technology in operations will enhance supply chain management. Technology will drive efficiency whereby there will be the optimal use of available resources. Errors can also be avoided by using technology in operations, hence saving your business money. 

There is a wide range of supply chain management tools on the market that you can leverage for your business. You need to pin-point your supply chain pain points and needs, and pick the right tools. Incorporating your operations tools will put you ahead of your competition by improving productivity, saving costs, reducing risks, and achieving customer satisfaction. 

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