Insights on Subscription Box Packaging

Subscription box services have gained much popularity in recent years. People are now subscribing to several products services from nutritional supplements to dog toys to apparel and clothing, etc. Thanks to several elements, these services have become incredibly successful. Such elements may include the surprise and suspense of not being sure what you will get or the convenience with these services knowing that products will be delivered at your doorstep. When it comes to subscription box packaging- it is top-notch, making the services sought-after by many. If you offer a subscription box service and are looking for ways via which you can provide the best packaging solutions for your products, then you can consider some of these ideas and tips.

Subscription Box Packaging

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

These are a good option if you are looking to protect the product. They have extra protection and therefore, more secure than the mailer boxes. Shipping boxes can also be customized according to the size of the product, quantity and design.

Mailer Boxes

They are technically the best option one could go with for subscription box packaging. Mailers are more rigid and more substantial than the cardboard boxes. These boxes are sturdy enough for the protection of the products during the shipping process. Mailer boxes are advised for subscription boxes, retail gift boxes, packaging of products from e-commerce companies.

Mailer boxes can also be customized according to the quantity, design and size of the product. Using locally available resources, you can be able to create a customized box for the customers’ products.

Padded Bubble Mailers

They are not the best option unless you deal with tiny products. These are heavy bags or envelopes that are lined with padding bubbles. Padding mailers are ideal in shipping clothing or fabric that does not ask for extra protection. In as much as this packaging design can save you the shipping cost, the mailers can be easily damaged and lack the opening experience most customers are looking for.

Folding Cartons

These cartons are ideal for subscription box packaging. They are cartons that are created from paperboard. It is a paper-based material that is lightweight and ideal for general product packaging. More so for the companies dealing with beauty products and food items, these boxes can help you a great deal. However, the boxes may not be that strong for long distances, so you might need to place this in a protect standard shipping box.

Subscription Packaging Box Design

When it comes to creating that wow factor and a memorable unboxing experience, custom design is crucial. Below are some points to think about when branding subscription box packaging.

Branding & Colors

When picking the colors for packaging, it is advisable that businesses choose the primary colors of the company’s branding. Most customers of a business already know the company colors so adding that on the packaging makes them distinguish products quickly. Being consistent with brand colors will further create loyalty and trust from customers.

Photos and Logos

Integrate the packaging design and logo of the company seamlessly while ensuring that the graphics and company colors are perfect and correct. Adding fun patterns and photos on the subscription box packaging can also be beneficial.


Applying vectors when designing the subscription box packaging will ensure that the design appears presentable and fascinating. Modern design utilizes non-photogenic texts and graphics for appealing design.

The Ultimate Benefit of Well Thought-out Subscription Box Packaging

Subscription box packaging can bring in more customers and higher profits if done the well. Proper packaging attracts more and more customers and even potential investors. Purposeful packaging will elevate your business brand and keep customers from clicking CANCEL!

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