Social Commerce Live Streaming and Its Role in the Future of eCommerce

live streaming

With the amount of time that people spend online in our modern culture, the growth of social commerce is inevitable.  Social media platforms are behind the rising success of eCommerce as they have delivered customers to businesses and provided a platform to communicate a brand’s message through live streaming. The retail environment has also been transformed by digital technology, and more so, social media platforms. Yet, eCommerce has brought so much convenience to the shopping experience and is now going a step further in enhancing customer experience. 

Mobile is now the go-to spot for shopping for consumers. eCommerce stores have discovered several ways to use the tools offered through mobile technology to provide a superior customer experience. Through this, live streaming shopping has taken eCommerce by storm, and it has significantly exploded in China. 

Ways businesses are using live streaming in social commerce

eCommerce businesses in China and other modern countries are using influencers to promote and sell their goods on their social channels in various ways.

Live streaming grabs the attention of viewers and substantial traffic. People want to be a part of live streams, making it the best technique to create brand awareness.  

1. Businesses are using live stream to create brand awareness

Influencers have enthusiastic and loyal followers. This allows brands to leverage influencers’ audience in order to build brand awareness. Followers trust the influencers’ opinion, and if they endorse a brand, their audience will be receptive to it. By choosing the right influencers in their niche, businesses can have their brands introduced to a quality audience. Live streaming grabs the attention of viewers and substantial traffic. People want to be a part of it, making it the best technique to create brand awareness. 

2. Real-time sales

Live streaming sales is a great way to create a buzz in your product sales. Brands in China are making a killing through this channel. This can be done by working with influencers or your inhouse social team. Showcase your products and motivate sales by providing a link where the users can buy the products. 

Live streaming new product launches is a great way to boost sales. Consumers love the new stuff, and they are likely to buy. In your live stream, offer discounts for immediate purchases to motivate the users to click on the ‘buy now’ link.

3. Customer engagement 

Customers want more than the convenience that comes with online shopping. They want the customer experience they would get if they walked into a physical store. Live streaming as part of social commerce has become an excellent tool for enhancing customer experience. 

Even though they are shopping from home, customers enjoy a genuine experience with the retailers. Live streaming has proved to be an excellent tool for customer education as well. Research shows that consumers prefer educative content to promotional content. Informative live streams will make the customers feel that your brand has them in mind. 

Through live streaming, brands can interact and engage with their customers to understand their challenges. It is a fun way to engage consumers and build a community around them, motivating a feeling of belonging. Satisfied customers are loyal and will make repeat purchases.

4. Promoting products

Live streaming has, over time, proved to be a useful social commerce tool for promoting products. It is the secret to progressive marketing. It provides a platform for businesses to demonstrate their products and show how they are used.

This will allow businesses to market even complex products and show the consumer that they can use them. Live streaming is the ideal technique to introduce new products and notify the customers of product extensions. 

Furthermore, it allows businesses to show off their products and what they can do. Live streaming is an effective and pocket-friendly marketing technique that will enable companies to showcase their products and make sales. 

5. Competitions

Auctions and contests are among the different ways businesses are using live streaming to create brand awareness and make sales. Consumers love to participate in competitions and win a prize at the end of it. 

Contests will not only boost engagement with existing customers but also make your business known to new audiences. Viewers who may have been impressed by products are likely to purchase if they don’t turn out to be the winners. 

How to ensure effective live streaming for social commerce

1. Leverage multiple platforms

There are several social platforms that you can use, like Facebook and Instagram. All you need to do is determine where your audience is and be there. This will reap better engagement results, brand awareness, and of course, conversions. 

2. Choose the right influencers

You have to work with influencers within your niche or those you are sure to connect you to your audience. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of time. It is essential to prioritize the quality of the audience when doing the targeting.


Social commerce and digital tools like live streaming have transformed the retail environment. Thanks to social platforms, we have a population of informed and empowered customers. They know what a product does, they are aware when new products are launched and can get the support they need from businesses.

If you play your cards right, you will enjoy the same benefits that eCommerce businesses enjoy in China. Live streaming will allow you to promote your products, make sales and engage your customers.