Private Label Services

Private Label at QuickBox is a hassle free inventory management service that can help grow and scale your business successfully. With us, you no longer have to think about your inventory. It will always be in stock, yet you won’t have too much where it bogs down your cash flow. It allows you to leverage your cash flow so you can use it on important things to help grow your business, like marketing. We handle all of quality control and compliance through thorough and regulated testing. You can trust us to manage you inventory so you can focus on growing your business. 

The QuickBox Private Label services improve your business’ cash flow so that you can strategically grow your business for longterm e-commerce success. Your Client Service Manager is your biggest advocate and will closely monitor inventory, trends, and quality control and compliance through regulated testing. QuickBox is your trusted partner in business, expertly managing each phase of your production process.


Private label allows businesses to deliver quality, tested products to their customers without the need for costly research and development. A trusted private label provider manufactures standard, high-quality products in bulk and maintains them in stock allowing for quick manufacturing lead times.

By providing shorter production windows QuickBox benefits your company’s cash flow so that you can spend money on other crucial e-commerce initiatives, like marketing. QuickBox’s OnDemand services include 50 of the top-selling cosmetic, nutraceutical and pet care formulas in the industry for private labeling, on a just-in-time-inventory basis (24-hour lead time).

Once you’ve selected your product formula we’ll design and print labels approved by you to fit your brand. 90% of our clients are successful online marketers who strictly sell online and need to maximize their marketing spend. Let’s succeed together. With your marketing and our private label wholesale services, you’ll generate more repeat customers, and maximize growth.

Full Private Label OnDemand Service with QuickBox gives your business the cash flow it needs to grow.

What Do QuickBox OnDemand Services Include?

  • Fulfillment Account Set-Up
  • Product Selection (Skin, Nutra, or Pet)
  • Designed & Printed Labels
  • Integration of Your Online Shopping Cart with the QB Fulfillment Software System
  • Same Day Label, Package and Ship Out Your Fulfillment Orders to Customers
  • High-Quality Products with quick manufacturing lead times
  • Anti-Aging Skin Care
  • Natural Supplements
  • All Natural Pet Supplements for Dogs
  • Inventory Management

Product Offerings

  • Collagen Peptide & MCT Powder
  • Biotin Hair, Skin, and Nail Formula
  • Phytoceramide
  • Multivitamin
  • Cognitive/Brain Support
  • Male Enhancement
  • Nitric Oxide Matrix
  • Recovery/BCAA
  • Turmeric
  • Keto GO BHB
  • Ultimate Fat Burner
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Cleanse & Detox Formula
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Pure Forskolin
  • Daily Probiotic
  • Sleep Matrix
  • Firming Moisturizing Face & Neck Cream
  • Ageless Collagen Face & Neck Serum
  • Instant Lift Face & Neck Serum
  • Joint Health
  • Probiotic Gut Health
  • Heart Health
  • Multivitamin Health
  • Calming Hemp Health
  • Rawhide Dental Chews

Take Inventory Management Off of Your Plate

With OnDemand you will never have to worry about backorders or lack of inventory or significant upfront investments in product. Our dedicated inventory analysts work with you on a weekly basis to forecast your new sales volume and rebills. With the QuickBox OnDemand solution, each Monday we place just enough inventory for the current week’s sales volume into your fulfillment account. This means you will never have unsold or leftover inventory tying up your cash.

High-Quality On-Demand Products Available

  • Skin Care
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Pet Care for Dogs

The Best Pricing

The best wholesale pricing on skin-care products, supplements, and pet care. Our standards are high, so you can bet we have the widest variety of quality products that are always in demand, and we are so proud of how successful all of our clients have been.

Our wholesale program can provide your company with bulk orders for the lowest wholesale prices. We have a 500-unit minimum order for ready-made products with private, custom labels and just a 9 – 13 business day turnaround time for your first order. (After we’ve worked together once, your next order has almost no turnaround time!) And we promise, once we begin working together, you won’t want for any other wholesale fulfillment friends.

Request a quick quote or give us a call to learn how QuickBox’s full service inventory management can take the stress out of product development and production.

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