Why e-Commerce Order Fulfillment is Crucial to e-Commerce Success

order fulfillment

Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by Quick-Box Fulfillment 

The advancement of technology has been a welcomed development, and now we see more and more consumers all over the world shopping for different products via online orders. However, one thing still stands as a continuous battle for e-commerce businesses, and that’s winning over the trust of consumers. Just like the previous stages in process of delivering an order, handling an order needs to go smoothly, but this is highly complex especially if you are dealing with an international order. A number of e-commerce businesses have already found out that in the process of delivery and returns, there might be extra time and cost spent, which, of course, eat into their profit margins. But with order fulfillment (shipping services), all of these can be avoided.

What exactly is Order Fulfillment?

One very important rule when it comes to e-commerce business is to get it right the first time, this invariably keeps your customers happy every single time. To do this, order fulfillment has to be a number one priority if your ecommerce business is to be rewarded by loyal and satisfied customers that keep on supporting your business. So, what is order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment simply encapsulates the entire processes involved right from receiving an online order till the moment it is delivered to a customer. If you have knowledge of e-commerce operations, you would know that this involves a number of composite steps in the supply chain that all play a part in the way customers see your business.

Logistics Involved in Order Fulfillment

For a better understanding of order fulfillment, you need to know the logistics it takes care of for an e-commerce business. These include:

Order Processing

Warehouse organization

Inventory Management



Updated Reporting and Customer Communication

When does an e-commerce business need a fulfillment company?

Have you ever thought about what a fulfillment center is and if you need it for your e-commerce business? Well, simply look at it as a more preferred way of increasing sales, getting more free time, saving shipping costs, and of course, keeping your customers happy.

However, let’s take a few steps back and understand what a fulfillment center is and when you need one to handle your shipping and warehousing.

What is a fulfillment center and when do you need one?

Without using long and confusing definitions, a fulfillment center is a third-party body that handles your shipping and warehousing troubles, and ensures that your customers get their order on time. This gives you time to search for new products, increase your publicity and marketing campaigns, and focus on other areas of your business that you might have abandoned if you did the delivery yourself.

If, as a small or medium-sized e-commerce business owner, you want to scale, include more products to your list, keep costs at a minimal and at the same time increase sales, then a fulfillment center is your best bet. But that’s not all. You also need a fulfillment center if:

  1. You are looking to reduce costs

With the addition of newer online products to your supply, you might need to hire additional hands to assist you with shipping, inventory management or picking and packing. Also, you might need to rent your own warehouse, which might incur huge costs. What if you have a slow season? Let’s be honest, every business has one. Would you still want to pay those extra costs for rentals, electricity, and so on? Now, that’s when you need a fulfillment center to help you reduce costs and give you enough flexibility with your payments.

  1. You need space for additional products

Scaling would involve adding more products to your inventory, but when there is no physical space to store them, then a fulfillment center comes into play. You get the space you need at very little costs for your inventory storage.

  1. You want to expand your market

Are you looking to expand your customer base and inevitably increase sales by targeting say, the Canadian market? Then a fulfillment center within Canada or one that ships to Canada can help you with that. They would take care of shipping and other processes and regulations while all you have to do is click on a “We ship to Canada” icon on their site. Yes, it’s really that easy!

  1. You need more free time to focus on other strengths and areas of your business

There’s a lot of hassle that comes with shipping and packaging, and sometimes they would make you want to curl up in a corner and stay there. Honestly, most e-commerce businesses find the greatest fulfillment in coming up with strategies on how to scale, coming up with new products and sourcing products. But with shipping? They prefer running from it. This is where a fulfillment center comes into the equation. They take the workload off your shoulders while giving you room to do what you do best.

How will having a fulfillment center make your business more successful?

Some e-commerce businesses might shudder at the thought of someone else handling any part of their business, but if they are going to increase sales, they need to find the right fulfillment center to go into partnership with.

Still don’t believe you need a fulfillment center? Here are ways your business can become more successful with one:

Improved business focus because they free you from mundane issues like delivery, packing, and storage. You get to divert more energy to core business activities like planning and expanding your business.

Free access to the best of advanced technology with state-of-the-art software used for tracking shipments, monitoring inventory, accounting platforms, and so much more. You get all of this at very little costs.

Improved scalability with resources that can adequately accommodate changes in the volume of orders.  This gives you the opportunity to penetrate foreign markets at low costs.

Reduced susceptibility to market fluctuation since your business is shielded from changes in shipping and trucking costs caused by changes in fuel.


Order fulfillment and fulfillment centers all serve to enable your e-commerce business to grow and increase profits without the hassles involved in shipping and delivery. Competing in the space of e-commerce businesses used to be a tough one, but with order fulfillment, your business has a greater chance of being at the top.

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