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Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by Quick-Box Fulfillment  Most of the shoppers are online but the one problem  with ecommerce marketing is having to know “HOW TO KEEP ONLINE CUSTOMERS HAPPY.” We have 5 amazing steps on how you can keep your eCommerce customers satisfied every time.

5 Steps to eCommerce Client Satisfaction for Ecommerce Marketing:

  1. Order Accuracy
  2. Fast Delivery
  3. Scheduled Delivery
  4. Order Tracking
  5. Inexpensive Shipping

Without taking much of your time, let’s breakdown the five steps of Order Accuracy, Fast Delivery, Scheduled Delivery, Order Tracking and Inexpensive shipping for eCommerce businesses.

order-accuracyThis is being defined as sending the wrong item to a customer, omitting an item, or sending too much of an item; order accuracy covers 29% of the factor that actually keeps your online eCommerce customers happy according to statistics. No matter how much time, effort, and money you put into promoting your eCommerce business and converting visitors into buyers, you’ll never create repeat customers if there are errors in your order fulfillment. Always offer guarantee order accuracy of 100%, if you want to keep 99% of your online customers happy with an increase in repeat customers.
fast-deliveryYou know that satisfaction you feel when you get an ordered product that same day or probably the next day, awesome right? If you can relate, then you know why fast delivery is on this list. Fast delivery covers 28% of the factor that keeps your online eCommerce customers happy according to statistics. At the same time, being able to provide next-day delivery (fast delivery) at a reasonable rate is an excellent way to attract new customers who might otherwise choose your competitors. After all, fast delivery or next-day shipping has not become the new standard just yet, and offering it – at least on expensive purchases – can be an excellent way to stay ahead of your competitors. Today’s small and medium-sized online businesses need to start weighing the pros and cons of offering cheap or free next-day delivery. Profitability may suffer at first, as fast delivery shipping expenses may have to be covered out of your pocket, but the ecommerce marketing advantages could easily lead to an expanded eCommerce customer base faster order processing and increased profitability. We are at a point in time when people are still willing to wait a few days for order processing to receive their order, instead of paying an extra fee for fast delivery, but those days are fading fast. As companies like Amazon continue to push the envelope, people are naturally going to become, well, spoiled. Running with the herd is not always cheap, but it may be the best long-term strategy for today’s expanding online eCommerce businesses.
scheduled-deliveryPerhaps the most important issue that customers are concern about in eCommerce is time. 62% of consumers expect to be given an estimated order processing time or guaranteed delivery date at checkout, therefore scheduled delivery holds 62% of the factor that keeps your customers happy. Scheduled delivery has come a long way since the early days of eCommerce, but some online retailers are still failing to offer a range of delivery options to suit their customers’ needs which could increase reputation, broaden relationship, encourage customer confidence, improve efficiency and raise profits. As statistics from a new Econsultancy Multichannel Retail Survey show, customers are demanding more flexibility in delivery options and swift order processing, retailers need to offer this to increase conversions. The survey found that 50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options.
order-tracking 75% of all consumers feel that every eCommerce merchant should offer a way to track orders online. Proactively offering order tracking options has become increasingly critical to successfully keeping your online eCommerce customers happy as it encourages your customers to return to your website, or stay longer, to increase chances of additional purchases or cross-opportunities. Order tracking also helps in reducing costly calls from customers inquiring about the status of their order and creates new opportunities to contact your customers by email, to cross-promote new offers and social media invites. It’s makes your eCommerce business appear trustworthy and reliable as it also set customers expectations and provide peace of mind.
inexpensive-shipping You should know that 81% of consumers expect free shipping option when checking out, hence try to keep shipping fee as low as possible. On a basic level, there are a few strategies to help businesses cover the cost of free shipping. First, increase product prices to cover shipping costs. In this case, the customer pays. Second, the business pays the full price of shipping. Third, the company slightly increases prices of products to cover some shipping costs, so that both the customers and company pay a portion. For online eCommerce businesses to remain competitive, and avoid shopping cart abandonment, the above steps must be implemented so as to have an increase in conversions, average order value, market or target audience, low costs and an improved operational efficiency; you will need to strongly consider incorporating free shipping as an option. As all eCommerce businesses know, shipping is never really free. Does all this overwhelm you? Can’t figure out the logistics? Contact QuickBox Fulfillment to talk about your eCommerce options to help manage all of your logistics and keep customers 100% satisfied every time. We hope this article was helpful, if you were asked to add one more to this list, what would it be?

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