Colorado Company QuickBox Fulfillment Introduces iQ Dashboard to Streamline Reporting for Huge Time and Money Savings

iQ Dashboard

DENVER, February 23, 2021 – QuickBox Fulfillment, a Denver-based e-commerce fulfillment, and logistics solutions provider to businesses serving the health, wellness, supplement, cosmetic, personal care, pet care, and other consumer packaged goods industries, is excited to announce the introduction of a new time and money savings tool, iQ, to provide greater value to their customers.

“When it comes to logistics and fulfillment, accurate reporting is always a top consideration,” explains QuickBox CEO and co-owner Stephen Adelé. “Because at QuickBox, we are always searching for ways to improve our customer’s experience, we started by asking what was the best way to provide greater value.”

One of the greatest pain-points in fulfillment is with reporting. “We wanted to make things easier for our customers and found that our past interface wasn’t as user-friendly as we wanted,” explains Alex Malishkin, Chief Technology Officer at QuickBox. “By teaming up with a third-party analytics company, we were able to customize their software, allowing us to better cater to the needs of our clients and create the iQ dashboard. Perhaps most importantly, we are able to create huge time savings—by 50% or more for daily planning, forecasting, and more.”

The iQ dashboard also helps eliminate mistakes and greatly increases the visibility of inventory, orders, and everything necessary to effectively manage product fulfillment. Key features of the system include:

  • Providing data and analytics from multiple sources, including labor, fulfillment, postage, carrier, and more, making informed business decisions easier.
  • Enhancing visibility by allowing combined data into single reports. This allows customers and the QuickBox team to find problematic inventory issues and correct them with ease.
  • Optimizing the speed, so reports load quickly, eliminating lag time.
  • Increasing security, so customers can see orders, but not the fulfillment data around it.
  • Greater customization, so customers are able to better create and manage their own reports, widgets, users, notifications, and dashboards for the metrics that are most important to their company and team.

“Ultimately, the iQ dashboard upgrades save money, labor, and provide greater control for our customers,” adds Adelé. “Best of all, after some basic overview training, it has a very simple, user-friendly interface, eliminating developer intervention. And it’s also simple to customize, so our customers have the information they need right at their fingertips.”

QuickBox plans to continue to improve the interface, exporting capabilities, and adding more features to make it even easier to use with more data points and self-service features—to save their fulfillment customers even more time and money in the future.

About QuickBox

​QuickBox is a trusted third-party fulfillment partner of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The company offers its clients fulfillment, vendor management, and supply chain integration services. In addition, it offers private label services with over 20 health, beauty, and pet products. Its specialized focus and commitment to operational excellence led to rapid growth in the health, beauty, and pet segments. QuickBox has more than 300 employees in its Denver headquarters and Atlanta, Georgia, distribution center. More information is available at

About Stephen Adelé

Adelé creates and builds successful supplement companies. Fresh out of college, he started with EAS, where they grew to $220 million in sales and set up distribution networks in 55 countries. Next, he started iSatori, where he led the company public through a merger with FitLife Brands and finally exited in 2016. Over the years, he’s created and sold several dietary supplement brands—those greatest and most successful innovations being Voots, Energize, Living Orchards, BioGenetic Laboratories, and Bio-Gro bio-active peptides—creating an entirely new product category. His latest venture, QuickBox Fulfillment #onaMISSION, is designed for internet marketers’ fulfillment and on-demand inventory solutions. Here, we will fulfill our mission to give people a “second chance” in their place to work and where we will continue to seek new ways to drive value and innovation into the health, beauty, and nutrition industry.


Jessica Barfield
Marketing Manager