Everything You Need to Know About: International Shipping

international shipping

Get the 411 on International Shipping for eCommerce

When a business is growing, every entrepreneur will look for ways to reach out to more customers. Most firms will start by operating locally, but if all goes well, going global becomes a requirement. International shipping becomes a critical logistic for you and ensures the commodities reach millions of customers around the world.

In as much as product discovery, enhanced security, and speedy transactions are being observed in the current markets; truth be told logistics are still not easy to manage. Getting goods across borders can be expensive, complex, and often overwhelming.

Learning how to minimize the costs of shipping is vital no matter who you are shipping to or from.

It does not matter who you are shipping to or from, learning how to minimize the costs of shipping is vital.

International Shipping Defined

International shipping refers to the exportation and importation of products between different nations via air, road, or sea. It is a complicated process at times as it incorporates many policies and rules. To achieve the entire procedure without several hiccups, you ought to understand the basics, rules, and regulations in play.

Shipping Freight Internationally

International shipping is not an easy task. It is complex for anyone and more so if you are using it for the first time. That is one reason why most companies look for freight forwarding firms to help with international shipments. Its complexity lies in each country having its own laws and regulations to adhere to.

Some nations will have more stringent policies than others when it comes to international shipping. For example, some forbid the importation of various products, while others will have specific tax regulations for some commodities. It is very important to have a clear understanding of all of the rules in place by the two countries where the shipping will take place. If you are not up to the task, then you might want to seek the services of professional freight services, like a third-party fulfillment partner.

Merchants in the international e-commerce shipping business expand their companies 60% times faster than the others

Significance of International Shipping

Globalization is extremely crucial in the growth of a business, and this is what makes international shipping for e-commerce very potent. Shipping overseas opens up a vast amount of more business opportunities. Below are some reasons why your business should go global if you have not yet started:

  • More than 70% of customers purchase internationally
  • By 2022, around 20% of the worldwide e-commerce will be from cross-border purchases
  • More than half of merchants are already conducting international shipping business
  • Merchants in the international e-commerce shipping business expand their companies 60% times faster than the others

Is Shipping Globally the Right Call?

However, as an e-commerce business aims to go global, they should asses if international sales is right for them.What works for one business might not work for another. Something to consider before engaging in overseas shipping:

  • Is there a language barrier between a business and its customers?
  • Would it be required to change the language on the packaging?
  • Are shopper already asking about shipping internationally?
  • What countries would potential customers come from?

Time-to-Home KPIs When Shipping Overseas

Getting the exact delivery time can be hectic, especially if businesses are not using expedited shipping services. The general rule for international shipping is the more you pay, the less time it takes to ship your goods. If you spend less, you can be sure your shipment will take long before arriving.

Hacks to Consider When Shipping Overseas

Before shipping packages internationally, consider some of these issues:

Shipment items

Some countries prohibit shipment of certain products. Be sure to check whether your products are cleared in the involved countries.

The rules in play

Countries have different taxes, tariffs, and regulations. Make sure you go through all these to be on the safe side of the transactions.

Where the shipment is going or coming from

Critically assess whether where the demand arises is viable for your business. Conduct intense research to determine how effective international shipping could be to customers in that country.

Bottom Line

Running an overseas venture is not the easiest of things. You will encounter additional taxes, customs, duties, and regulations that vary from one country to another. Ensure before engaging in the business, you understand how it all goes down. If you are eager to expand your business or are unsure if you are getting the best international shipping rates, give QuickBox Fulfillment a call. We ship to over 230 countries and provide tracking info for 35 of them. Not to mention we have an impeccable time-to-home and extremely competitive pricing.