How a Fulfillment Provider Can Boost Your Online Pet Product Presence

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With over 68% of all households owning a pet, it’s no wonder why the pet products brand industry has grown to be the second largest market of all consumer packaged goods purchased. Pet owners are a passionate consumer base. They are willing to spend to give the pets they consider family (90% of people in an APPA survey said they consider their pets family) the best products on the market.

What’s more, millennials are now the largest owning pet generation. This significantly changes the way pet product brands are interacted with and purchased. The general consumer’s expectation for high-quality products, convenience in purchasing, and a general passion for their pets has largely shifted the purchase of pet products to the online market.

A reported 40% of all pet owners claim to have purchased a pet product online in the last month.

According to a Packaged Facts’ 2018 survey of U.S. pet owners, 37% of online pet shoppers agree that they are purchasing more products online than they used to. The variety of pet products available online, convenient auto-ordering, low shipping costs and a cultural change in pet owners suggests that the e-commerce pet products market will continue to thrive.

To retain a loyal online customer base pet product brands must meet consumer’s online purchasing expectations. For a booming pet products company with strong online presence, an order fulfillment service provider is ideal to help manage the fulfillment and shipping of orders and ensure customer satisfaction.

If you have a pet product brand, your order fulfillment service provider can add value to your e-commerce brand so you can focus on continuing to grow, not product delivery.

Fast & Accurate Product Delivery to Gain Repeat Customers

In the Amazon Prime-era of retail, many consumers have become accustomed to the Amazon 2-day delivery promise and expect their products to be delivered quickly and accurately. Working with a fulfillment center allows your pet products brand to improve on distribution network. This allows a time to home that is within the industry expected 2-3 business days. Fulfillment service providers also work efficiently to get orders out as quickly as possible, while avoiding costly inventory mistakes.

Custom Pet Product Brand Packaging & Inserts to Connect with Consumers

Today’s pet owner wants to purchase from a brand with a story that they feel connected to. A qualified fulfillment service provider can add additional materials to your products during packaging for cross-selling. This will further enhance the customer experience. The success of your brand relies on your ability to satisfy your customers and retain them. Custom packaging and marketing inserts processed by your fulfillment provider could be the differentiator for your brand in a competitive online market.

Reduced Shipping Costs for Competitive Pricing

Your customer benefits from the large volume of shipping your fulfillment partner does daily. By shipping large volumes of product fulfillment providers are able to work with shipping carriers to secure lower shipping rates that are in turn based down to you and your customer. Because larger third-party fulfillment centers fulfill orders for numerous customers, they are able to negotiate the best shipping rates (for shipping 10 K+ orders per day versus the average customer’s 500 orders per day).

Improved Customer Service for Customer Retention

Reliable customer service is crucial to maintaining a successful customer experience. Many 3PL fulfillment providers offer 24/7 customer support. This includes executing easy returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Expand Your Pet Products Brand with QuickBox Fulfillment

QuickBox Fulfillment is the industry leader in fulfillment services for high volume internet direct-to-consumer brands. Your thriving pet brand deserves to be supported by a service provider invested in your success. QuickBox adds value to your brand by delivering products with a high level of customer service to retain customers.

Additionally, QuickBox can help you expand your pet brand’s product offering through private label services. We offer a variety of high converting pet supplements that will gain you more customers.

Contact us to learn more about how QuickBox Fulfillment can help grow your pet brand.


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