How to Design a Holiday Fulfillment Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses

holiday fulfillment strategy

Ecommerce keeps growing every year and breaking all the previous records. Indeed, there’s a reason why Adobe Digital Insights says the industry is increasing at a rate of 13% to 15% every year. But, it is in the holidays that most people shop online. In fact, eCommerce growth fueled amazing holiday stats during the Pandemic Holiday season in 2020. According to SAP – The statistics from the 2020 holiday shopping season far surpassed growth expectations.

  • A 162% increase in year-over-year order volume during the holiday season
  • 55% to 60% of November’s orders came during the first two weeks of the month
  • The average order value tripled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Unfortunately, despite the hype surrounding eCommerce, delayed shipping still keeps the industry from its optimum potential. In 2017, for instance, thousands of customers were angry at the delays and failed “2-day” shipping promises. It’s not easy for online retailers to control how carrier services work. But, at least, they can improve their order fulfillment processes by developing a holiday fulfillment strategy.

Improving your holiday fulfillment strategy

If you want to improve the checkout and delivery time, you should start by working on the fulfillment process itself when designing your holiday fulfillment strategy. First, understand the process by finding out the factors that influence its success. Aim at speeding up order fulfillment as it allows shipping to start as soon as possible. Then, find a reliable shipping partner to ensure your customers get the items in time.

Optimize order fulfillment speed and accuracy for the holidays

Avoiding situations that might upset your customers should be every retailer’s priority. Process, fulfill, pack and ship items to their buyers as quickly and accurately as you can. Optimize the picking and packing process, as well as the fulfillment time. Most customers want to receive what they order instantly, and you should, therefore, walk towards this possibility.

Affordable order fulfillment for the holidays

What’s the cost of the order fulfillment? Find out how much money you need to run the entire fulfillment process. Balancing the costs of operation and speed optimizes your eCommerce finances. Pay attention to expenses such as storage, insurance and carrier. A key to your holiday fulfillment strategy is to keep the fulfillment costs low because you want your shipping cost to be competitive.

Customer feedback and how it pertains to your holiday order fulfillment strategy

Customer satisfaction is the primary metric that measures if your business is going in the right direction. Let your customers receive their ordered within the shortest period. And, certainly, you don’t want to surprise someone with the same gift they ordered for someone else. So, work on your speed and accuracy, as that’s what most customers want.

Measure your customer satisfaction by considering the following:

  • Complaints
  • Negative reviews
  • Rate of returns

As the festive season approaches, you should optimize your eCommerce retail shop for quick and accurate sales. Although delayed shipping is not within the control of the retailer, designing a clear fulfillment strategy optimizes your business for higher sales.

Every retailer should pay more attention to speed and accuracy as these are the main metrics that determine customer feedback. The strategy should be heuristic and customer-oriented. If you are working with a fulfillment center or are considering one for the holiday season, the center should have well-trained staff and technological systems. Companies like QuickBox Fulfillment are experts at order fulfillment and supply chain management. If you are worried you are missing any important steps in fast and accurate order fulfillment, call or email them today. You will want to get a full handle on your eCommerce order fulfillment BEFORE the holiday rush!