2018 Shopping Season Lessons: How a Fulfillment Partner Cuts Costs and Increase Speeds This Holiday Season

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Online shopping continues to take the world by a storm. That’s why studies from Adobe Digital Insights are confident that the industry is growing at 14% every year. However, it’s the last quarter of the year that carries the lion’s share of the sales. The shopping season – as November and December are referred- account for more than $100 billion of the sales. It is critical that ecommerce businesses are optimizing their shipping speeds and reducing costs to get the most out of the holiday season. Believe it or not, joining forces with a fulfillment partner can help you do both!

Shopping in-store versus Online

Customer interests keep changing, and people no longer want to wait in line for hours in large shopping malls. For example, the traditional large-scale Christmas displays are no longer causing the allure that they used to a few decades ago. These days, the majority of people are interacting with their phones and computers, a virtual world, more than ever before.

Lessons Learned From the 2018 Shopping Season

Before you team up with a fulfillment partner, if you want to make an excellent retailing strategy for the 2019 shopping season, you should consider analyzing 2018 as well. Aim at finding significant trends in holiday shopping that you can pick from.

Increased online sales

If the 2018 shopping season is anything to go by, then retailers have a lot to smile about and increased sales to look forward to. Surveys show 44% to 51% of retailers expect a 25% increase in sales in 2019.

Shoppers want convenience

On the other hand, customers are hoping to enjoy convenient shopping experiences. The majority want to order items from their devices.

The mindset of a shopper is quickly changing towards convenience and easy ordering. 69% of the shoppers interviewed said they purchase items on the internet. 37% openly showed their love for online shopping and the convenience of buying from the comfort of their couches.

39% of the customers interviewed said that they considered speed as the most crucial factor when choosing online stores. Also, 23% claimed they didn’t like the long distances that they had to travel to traditional malls for shopping. Then, a larger 78% said their decisions on the purchase of items to buy online were largely influenced by customer reviews.

Big Online Retailers Winning

Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba continue to be the global leaders in eCommerce. And, most customers follow the euphoria created by the giant’s behemoth. Over the last three years, the number of loyal Amazon online shoppers has increased. The online shopping giant’s share increased from 43.5% to 54.1% from 2017 to 2018.

In one study, 44% of the interviewees admitted Amazon was their first choice for online purchases. And, 92% of the respondents said they had ordered items from the giant retailer.

A fulfillment partner can also help you on the Amazon front lines. Top fulfillment partners, like QuickBox Fulfillment, offer FBA prep and Amazon order entry services. Having your products listed on your own site as well as Amazon may help you maximize your market share.

How a Fulfillment Partner Cuts Costs and Increase Speeds

Further, retailers must come up with elaborate logistics and shipping. A proper fulfillment strategy for the holidays will not only earn you more money but also keep your customers coming for more. For this reason, find the right fulfillment partner.

Finding a third party to handle your fulfillment will help you increase the convenience of your services and overall profits in the following ways:

  • Improving delivery times and reducing shipping costs keep customers happy.
  • Get a fulfillment partner with warehouses near the shoppers; this increases delivery speed and reduces your shipping costs
  • With a fulfillment partner, your operation costs reduce. You don’t need a warehouse or other personnel. Plus, packing and shipping are faster. They also get discounts on packaging materials and pass that discount onto you!
  • When someone else handles the fulfillment, you can focus on building your eCommerce site.  You have more time and cash flow for fresh content generation, captivating marketing, and overall business improvements.

It is not to late to get started with a quality fulfillment partner before the holiday rush! Contact QuickBox Fulfillment today and get the ball rolling to increased shipping speeds and more affordable order fulfillment.