Order fulfillment’s critical role in

function of a business

Consumers and businesses demand the perfect order every time. They expect to have a consistent brand experience from channel to channel—whether they’re shipping to consumers or to retail distribution centers. Getting inventory items shipped accurately, routed properly, and delivered on time is imperative. In short, order fulfillment is the sequence of steps required to receive, process, and deliver an order to your end customer.

While many businesses try their best to fulfill their own orders—even from their own offices, basements, or garages—as they grow, the logistics involved can become much more complex and require more money, more space, more time, and lots more headache.

Breakdown of the steps

of order fulfillment

order fulfillment

This is where business benefits from third-party fulfillment services. Third-party fulfillment service providers are companies that complete the order fulfillment steps for the business, entrepreneur, or online seller, removing the day-to-day challenges of managing the shipping, inventory, and returns of a thriving e-commerce business.

THE 3 Important metrics to measure

When evaluating a fulfillment provider, there are three important critical fulfillment metrics that should be measured that most other fulfillment centers don’t track or report. Learn more about these important three metrics below.

Time to Home

Each month your fulfillment center should measure the time it takes for a package to leave the facility and reach the intended recipient who ordered it. You want to make sure that your provider is staying within the guaranteed time frame. At QuickBox, we make sure that that time frame is staying within our standard of 3-4 business days anywhere in the U.S. 48 states. Being centrally located in Denver, Colorado, and Atlanta, GA we’re equidistant to most of the coastal cities, which allows us that quick time to home.


If you’re selling a product and you have a backorder, that creates a lot of consequential damages to your customer relationship. Backorders can be caused for numerous reasons. One major reason is not having enough inventory due to improper forecasting. QuickBox offers a service called “On Demand Inventory” to help you develop a brand (cosmetics, nutraceuticals, or pet) that fits your customer base. It is designated inventory that you have access to each week in advance of the demand in which you’re going to use it.

Returns Processing

Most fulfillment centers process returns once a week. We quickly process returns to avoid costly chargebacks and deliver customer service that retains customers. Your returns are processed on the same day Monday through Friday, every day. We’ll keep an accurate daily report of returns and return to inventory any products that are returned undamaged.

Understanding Inventory Management with Stephen Adele

This in-depth 10 minute video explores the critical fundamentals of inventory management. Stephen helps viewers breakdown these fundamentals and analyze if managing your own inventory is the most strategic decision or not.


With firsthand experience of the positive impact of effective order fulfillment, we realize the challenges many companies face to lower operational costs and overhead. Our fulfillment practices have evolved to a level of sophistication that requires carefully planned processes, state-of-the-art systems, and highly efficient operations—all of which require extensive expertise and resources that can divert attention away from your core competencies.

Operations must be readily expandable to meet future needs quickly and easily so that you can scalably grow your business.

Outsourcing fulfillment can also save on:

Warehouse space  access to a warehouse is one of the top cost-savings benefits of third-party fulfillment and provides affordable access to storage, allows you to scale quickly, cut employee costs, and keep your inventory secure.

Shipping costs – save on postage, shipping, and handling. With QuickBox’s Intelligent Postal Routing, you can automatically choose the most cost-effective and fastest courier service for your products.

Improved Time to Home Costs – QuickBox’s convenient location in Denver and Atlanta gets products to their final destination faster. In most cases, we can provide you with 2-day shipping with reduced postage costs.