Entering New eCommerce Markets with Private Label: A Case Study

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In this study, we analyze the success of an Australian based company that joined QuickBox in the summer of 2018 and are still with us today. Before coming to QuickBox, they were fulfilling their own orders and were not involved with the online pet care industry, despite having a deep passion to enter the booming e-commerce market. They have become so successful with the help of our private labeling services, that they are now solely in the pet care industry and growing by the day.

The Challenges of Entering New eCommerce Markets

The client wanted to tap into the booming pet market but had no pet industry experience. They needed to quickly develop a quality pet care product line without investing millions in product development and manufacturing. 

The Solution to Entering New eCommerce Markets

The D2C company focused on designing and building their brand image, while QuickBox supplied two effective dog health soft chews. Within two weeks they had products labeled, their CRM set up and integrated, and was processing orders!

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Private labeling with QuickBox helps e-commerce businesses start or expand their product lines overnight. Getting started is easy and hassle-free!

The Results of Using Private Label Services to Enter New eCommerce Markets

This client started from the ground up. With the help of QuickBox OnDemand Private Labeling, they are now selling 4,000 – 5,000 shipments a month with their single pet care brand. 

Private Label Pet Supplements

The client now carries our Daily Joint Care Soft Chew, Daily Multivitamin Soft Chew, and our Daily Heart Health Soft Chew.

Private Label Products with QuickBox Fulfillment

Utilizing a private label service for expanding your brand is a lucrative business venture because the hard work has already been done. Can you get the word out there about what a great product you are selling? That is all you need to succeed! QuickBox Fulfillment offers an incredible, high performing line of health, beauty, and pet products that are ready for your incredible brand.

Over 50 products to choose from!

Private Label at QuickBox is a hassle-free inventory management service that can help grow and scale your business successfully. You no longer have to think about your inventory. It will always be in stock, yet you won’t have too much where it bogs down your cash flow. It allows you to leverage your cash flow so you can use it on important things to help grow your business, like marketing. We handle all of the quality control and compliance through thorough and regulated third party testing. You can trust us to manage your inventory so you can focus on growing your business.