5 Ways an eCommerce Fulfillment Service Partner Can Gain You Repeat Customers

ecommerce fulfillment service

In today’s competitive e-commerce market it’s essential to deliver a robust customer experience from discovery to product delivery that builds customer loyalty and leads to repeat purchases. To maintain a competitive edge in e-commerce retail it is crucial to understand the added value a successful post-purchase customer experience can have on your customers by increasing the perceived value of your product. eCommerce fulfillment is an important step to guaranteeing customer satisfaction after an order has been placed. It might be time to consider an ecommerce fulfillment service.

You’re the expert at marketing your product and developing a successful pre-purchase customer experience, but the complexities of fulfillment logistics including picking and packing orders and delivery can often be too great to manage alongside the demands of your booming business.

Outsourcing your fulfillment to a reliable ecommerce fulfillment service partner can support your post-purchase customer experience by increasing the perceived value of your product. Here are the top 5 ways a professional fulfillment service can increase the perceived value of your product and gain you loyal customers.

5 ways professional ecommerce fulfillment service increase the perceived value of your product

  1. Fast Order Delivery

Many customers have become accustomed to the Amazon 2-day delivery promise and expect a product to be delivered when promised. A reliable fulfillment service partner is strategically placed geographically to provide your customer with guaranteed shipping options to meet their needs and improve on customer experience.

Recent data shows that 49% of shoppers say same-day delivery options drive them to seek out a particular retailer for purchases. 63% of shoppers want estimated or guaranteed delivery dates and companies with same-day delivery tend to gain an advantage over 85% of their competitors.

  1. Engaging Packing and Inserts

3PL fulfillment service providers have a streamlined process for picking and packing orders to maintain packaging and product quality, while effectively managing inventory. Within this standardized process, a qualified service provider can add additional materials to your products during packaging for cross-selling or simply to further enhance the customer experience.

  1. Reduced Shipping Costs

Your customer benefits from the large volume of shipping your fulfillment partner does daily. By shipping large volumes of product 3PL providers are able to work with shipping carriers to secure lower shipping rates that are in turn based down to you and your customer. Because larger third-party fulfillment centers like QuickBox fulfill orders for numerous customers, they are able to negotiate the best shipping rates (for shipping 10 K+ orders per day versus the average customer’s 500 orders per day).

  1. Improved Customer Service

Reliable customer service is crucial to maintaining a successful customer experience. Many 3PL fulfillment providers offer 24/7 customer support. This includes executing easy returns, exchanges, and refunds.

With 62% of Americans reporting to have contacted some form of customer service in a year period, a growing emphasis has been placed on the customer service experience. And statistics show a positive customer service experience is one of the top reasons customers repeat purchases. A reported 42% of customers will purchase additional products after a positive customer service experience, increasing your brand’s revenue and gaining you loyal customers.

  1. Accurate and Safely Shipped Orders

According to a study conducted by StellaService Analysts, 1 in 10 e-commerce packages arrives damaged due to improper packing. Damage to products delivered not only leaves customers feeling frustrated, but effects your bottom line in costly returns and replacements.

By leveraging the expertise of a 3PL fulfillment partner you’re supported by a team dedicated to accurately picking and packing orders to guarantee a safe ship. This means your customer’s products will arrive safely and nicely packaged with the correct products, reducing returns and ultimately delighting the customer.

Gain More Repeat Customers with QuickBox Fulfillment, Your #1 eCommerce Fulfillment Service Provider

As an experienced, reliable fulfillment service partner QuickBox Fulfillment provides brands with a successful ecommerce fulfillment strategy to retain more customers in the post-purchase customer experience. Contact us to learn more about how QuickBox Fulfillment can help you increase the perceived value of your product to gain loyal customers.

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