Comprehensive Guide to eCommerce Infill and Packaging

e-commerce infill packaging

Find the most important aspects of creating effective e-Commerce Packaging and Infill for e-commerce businesses to inform your fulfillment strategy.

Packaging your eCommerce merchandise is the closest you get a personal touch with your customers. It’s an opportunity to put as much quality and human touch to your products as possible. When arranging those items into a shipping box, you need to visualize and understand what packing configuration will make your customer the most happy. e-Commerce infill packaging furthers your branding and marketing mission. Also, it is this stage of e-commerce, if done well, where you avoid and limit returns.  In short, e-commerce infill and packaging will set you apart and help beat out the competition.

Weight and costs for e-Commerce Infill Packaging

Consider the weight of the shipment because it has a direct effect to the cost of shipping. It is important to develop a packaging technique that minimizes cost while improving the quality. Again, you want the product to arrive to their home in perfect condition.

And, apart from the safety of products, you need to make the moment count by infilling and taping in accordance to your brand. Give your customers an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

 Boxing or poly?

Depending on the nature of the product, you will decide whether to box it or not. Heavy products might require a sturdy box. Fragile products will require soft infilling. Also, expensive products might require fortified packaging. There are several materials that you can use in your e-commerce packaging as follows:

Consider cardboard boxes

Cardboards that are corrugated are safe and convenient for most e-commerce businesses. It is strong, lightweight and recyclable. You might want to use a double-walled cardboard in case you have heavy or fragile products.

For instance, if you are shipping flat screen TVs or electronics you need an outer box that protects the inner packaging. Avoid using e-commerce packaging boxes that are too heavy or large.

Remember, oversized boxes might end up increasing the weight, therefore the cost, of the shipping due to more infill. You may also want your logo imprinted on the box and this may add the costs.

Envelops and poly bags

If you’re selling items that are lightweight and sturdy, then you can just use poly bags and envelopes. This is a great option for shipping clothing. Use waterproof mailers just to ensure that the contents are protected.

Customized Boxes

Elevate your brand above the competition by simply using a cardboard box that is customized. Customizing your packaging will set you apart from the rest. In fact, when customers receive a custom box, they are even likely to share it on social media- which will give you a plus in your marketing.

Custom boxes may require more than just a logo or brand name. Not only are they easy to use but also don’t have to break the bank to get them.

Padded Mailing

Sometimes you may want to use padded mailing materials especially for flat delicate items. For example, if you are selling jewelry or DVDs, then you may want to use this method.

Tape Matters

Do not forget to pick the right tip for your e-commerce packaging. The tape is basically the glue that keeps the shipping container intact.

Acrylic tape is one of the best. You will need a high-quality tape dispenser to make your work easier. You may also get one that is branded if you want a more professional look.

e-Commerce Infill & Packaging Puts Smiles on Your Customer’s Face

When putting products in boxes, add quality infills. They add extra safety and stability. Therefore, your products get to their destination in perfect condition.

You can use a combination of pillows and paper to offer a soft environment for your products. Here are some options that you may want to try:

Bubble Wrap

When you have to ship delicate items, you should be sure to use bubble wrap. Your kids will love to pop the bubbles and so will those of your customer. But above all, it will protect the contents from shock and damage and will not increase your weight significantly.

 Air Pillows

Make sure your infills are lightweight and effective. Air pillows can be a cost effective solution. The pillows are also recyclable.

Shredded Cardboard

Shredded cardboards are not only recyclable, but also a wrapping material. You just need the machine that can shred waste cardboards. They are not only eco-friendly but also easy to use.

Ecological Considerations in Ecommerce Packaging

Many customers are eco-conscious these days and you want to support their belief. When you go green, you earn a head start from everyone who likes to protect the environment.

You should also indicate that your packaging is biodegradable and friendly. Positioning your brand as eco-friendly will give you a plus in your marketing endeavors. Therefore, you need to use infills and packaging materials that are ecologically friendly.

What to Add In the Package

Receipts: Include an itemized receipt for the order you are delivering. Your customer will appreciate the fact that you reminded them. Compliment your orders with a creative tweak.

Rewards: Another way to position your brand is to encourage loyalty.  You may include a coupon or a discount code. Make sure it’s the first thing that the customer sees when they open their shipment.

Stickers: You may also want to add a few stickers that promote your brand in a creative way.

What Exactly Does Packaging and Infilling do to Your e-Commerce Business?

Your packaging and infills give you the opportunity to market your product. You need to make the moment count. Convey messages that make your customers wanting to come back for more.

Those extra touches will build your brand and increase your customer base and loyalty. And, in case you usually outsource fulfillment services, you can make sure to tell them about how you need it done.

Sometimes, you can even test whether the fulfillment company is good enough by ordering to your own address. This way, you will experience the customers’ reaction and point of view during unboxing.

Positive strategic change is what will keep you afloat in the storms of the market. So, every time you realize that your business is growing you will need to upgrade you are fulfillment strategies, including how you fill your packages.

QuickBox Fulfillment offers cost effective and brand aware packing options to all of its clients. Do you have any questions about e-commerce infill and packaging? Contact us today!