Why is it Important for Online Businesses to Attend e-Commerce Industry Trade Shows: How Can You Get the Most Out of Attending.

e-commerce industry trade shows

When you look at how businesses conduct themselves on social media, it is clear that they are aligning their brands with the customer trends. How can a business know what is happening in the e-commerce space before it emerges on social media? Having a dedicated social media executive definitely helps but the ultimate approach is to make time for industry trade shows and conferences. This is an opportunity to not only learn new ways of marketing your products or services but also network with other sellers in the same space. 

Which industry trade shows should you attend?

There are as many e-commerce trade shows as there are types of businesses out there. It is practically impossible to attend all of them, plus you actually don’t have to. What does your business deal in? How seasoned are you in the e-commerce marketplace? Answer these questions and you will get an idea of which trade shows are important for growing your business. Trade shows range from local to international events and if you find any that you are convinced you should attend, don’t hold back. 

Are you particularly interested in a certain channel of marketing for your e-commerce business? Or perhaps are looking forward to launching you product line on a certain site? Finding business leaders who are a step or two ahead in these areas definitely helps. By interacting with such successful players in the industry, it is only a matter of time that their success will rub off on you. There can never be a safer place for this form of interaction than industry trade shows and conferences. 

To add on to industry trade shows that are specific to your line of business, the following events are valuable resources for e-commerce platform traders; 

  1. Think Global Retail – this event happens in August in Las Vegas and is a huge demonstration of strategy for those wishing to market their business on multiple channels. 
  2. Ice Retailer – this event provides a platform for small merchants to interact with each other. The experience of attending this event is accentuated by the fact that all the presentations made are by actual ecommerce sellers. 
  3. Etail.com – would you like to get an insight into what the big boys of ecommerce are doing? Attend this event some time. You will get an opportunity to interact with some of the most influential players in the ecommerce space. 

How do you make the most of industry trade shows and conferences?

Set out your agenda for attending a trade show even before it starts. Unless you are attending a trade show to kill time and marvel at what everyone is doing, an agenda is a strategy that saves you time. Take a few hours off you schedule to visit the show venue a day or two before the event. Most exhibitors will be there setting up their booths and unlike actual trade days, there are no attendees competing for attention. This is the best time to scrutinize the vendors, know what they deal in and take a note of the ones that interest you. Come the event day and these are the only places you will be stopping at – spend time asking questions and even trying out their products or services. 

For those who are unable to make time for a pre-visit, no need to worry. How about you explore the option of making friends? When you see a product or service that interests you, engage the merchant who is in charge of that booth. Once you get their contact, you can even plan to have coffee sometime and be sure to follow up. 

e-Commerce merchants are casual in the way they dress and speak. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by the fact that your dress code is less than formal or you if you do not know all the industry lingo. Chances are that most of the people you meet at any of these events will have an idea of what you are talking about. 

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