D2C Pain Points and Solutions For e-Commerce Business

D2C Pain Points

Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by QuickBox Fulfillment 

When looking for a fulfillment center to support and manage the logistics of your thriving e-commerce business, it is important to know the common D2C pain points before you decide on the correct fit. Even more important is what solutions the fulfillment center will offer if/when those D2C pain points arise. Yet sadly, most fulfillment centers arose from a retail background with little to no experience in D2C. As you can imagine, it typically doesn’t work out so well.

So, what should you look for when it comes to D2C pain points?

After working with hundreds of successful e-commerce businesses, here are the top 5 D2C pain point to be aware of and, better yet, what D2C solutions your fulfillment center should be offering to you.

1.) D2C Pain Point: With so many products on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  Which ones should you choose for your e-commerce store? How are you to know what’s truly a high-quality product guaranteed to sell? How do you know that product is safe for your consumers?

Solution: If you want to take the direction of private labeling and wholesale, it is crucial your fulfillment partner has a variety of compliant product options available. They must also be able to provide you with an adequate supply that is readily available to sell when you are, so neither you nor your customers are left waiting for stock.

2.) D2C Pain Point: Your product is a huge hit and your inventory needs to triple quickly, but where are you going to put it all? You want to capitalize on your product following and offer a second or perhaps third option, but you have no idea where to start and how to get your new product turned around quickly enough to support your consumer demand.

Solution: Scalability is another crucial component for your chosen fulfillment center to provide. They must be able to scale and scale quickly! As your successful campaign takes off, your fulfillment partner needs to be able to take off with you. Choose a warehouse that has an incredible amount of space, is centrally located for fast delivery, and is staffed appropriately to process all of your new growth.

3.) D2C Pain Point:Like it or not, returns are going to happen. With your returns piling up, how are you supposed to keep up with them to prevent chargebacks and other customer nightmares?

Solution: Speed of returns processing minimizes potential customer services calls, refunds, and chargebacks. Not only must the process happen quickly, it must happen accurately. Another huge plus is having a fulfillment partner with an FDA-Compliant Returns Process that allows you to get your product back on the shelf and ready for your next sale.

4.) D2C Pain Point:You have an amazing product that really is improving your customer’s life, but no one seems to value it like they should, which means they are not becoming repeat customers.

Solution:  First impressions are everything, even with a tangible product. Value is perceived by customers when they receive their package in a timely manner and it is presented well, looking great upon arrival and opening. And of course, it’s important that they received exactly what they ordered in perfect condition. You HAVE to have all of your presentation ducks in a row to avoid returns and build brand/product loyalty.

5.) D2C Pain Point:Perhaps you have a question about an existing order that doesn’t seem right, or your orders are taking off quicker than your projected forecasting. Whatever the issue that comes up, who is going to help you solve it before it becomes a bigger issue that will cost you money?
Solution: Responsiveness is everything. Your partner should respond and solve your issues quickly, so you can keep things moving forward and upward. Your ecommerce store is open 24/7, meaning issues can arise at any time. It is crucial you are provided with 24/7 customer access and support to help you when you need it most.

Your Ultimate D2C Fulfillment Solution

Here at QuickBox Fulfillment, we specialize in direct-to-consumer marketing fulfillment, and because our owners come from this space and we have years of experience with hundreds of e-commerce companies, we know your D2C pain points and, more importantly, how to solve them when it comes to logistics. Every solution you just read is a solution that QuickBox Fulfillment proudly provides its valued clients. The genius of QuickBox Fulfillment is that we are built by and for director marketers. Our ENTIRE organization, process, and system is engineered for D2C.


Give us a call today at 303-757-6500 or email us at sales@quickbox.comto learn more about why we are your #1 choice for a 3rd party logistics partner.

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