What is D2C Fulfillment?

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment done right is a calculated process that seamlessly delivers products to your customer’s front door quickly and accurately. You’re the expert at marketing your product and developing a successful pre-purchase customer experience, but the complexities of fulfillment logistics including picking and packing orders and delivery can often be too great to manage alongside the demands of your booming business. That’s where QuickBox’s quality fulfillment services come in.

QuickBox’s carefully designed process seamlessly delivers your products in 118 steps after your customer clicks the Buy Button.

As you can tell, we’ve put some time into designing this process to deliver you the best results. Getting your orders shipped fast, accurately, and professionally is the foundation of our busi­ness and is at the core of everything we do. We successfully execute your D2C Fulfillment process so you can focus on massive business growth.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment and Distribution Services are the core offerings of QuickBox…it’s what we do.

QuickBox integrates seamlessly with your shopping cart, order management system, or CRM, and pulls your vital order data into the QuickBox Warehouse Management System. Once your orders reach the fulfillment environment, our proprietary pick-pack process and intuitive shipping logistics go to work to get your orders through the warehouse, into the proper supply chain, and finally into your customers’ hands.

What Does QuickBox D2C Fulfillment Include?

  • Direct Response (DRTV, e-Commerce, Direct Mail) Product Fulfillment
  • Continuity / Autoship Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Retail and Specialty Inventory Management
  • Custom Packaging
  • Kit Assembly

ALL shipments are processed on the same day they are received, 7 days a week. Quality control checkpoints are integrated throughout the QuickBox fulfillment process to isolate and eliminate errors. And we’re constantly looking at ways to improve product flow from receiving, put-away, processing, and pick-pack.

D2C Fulfillment done fast, friendly and accurate with QuickBox.

Why Is Order Fulfillment Such a Critical Business Function?

In today’s competitive e-commerce market, consumers expect the perfect order every time and quickly. Customers have become accustomed to the Amazon.com® 2-day delivery promise and expect product to be delivered when promised and received without error or damage. Getting products shipped accurately, routed properly, and delivered on time is imperative to the customer buying process.

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How Does QuickBox Maintain Accuracy and Efficiency?

At QuickBox, we want to see your business succeed and understand our services are a big part of making that happen. We maintain delivery accuracy and efficiency to help you thrive and continually optimize to provide you Fast, Friendly, Accurate service. We instill this belief with every team member as a part of our culture… “Give the client your thought, energy, and effort as if it were your own business because when the client succeeds, we succeed!”

QuickBox manages D2C fulfillment and distribution services for a wide variety of industries, which allows us to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency with all of our clients. Improvement of our practices has a tremendous impact—not only on the end user experience but also on the supply chain. We are constantly leveraging new technologies, negotiating contracts with service providers, and applying new and improved best practices to benefit you.

Lower Operational Costs and Central Location to Help You Grow Your Business

Outsourcing your fulfillment to an industry expert like QuickBox allows you to lower operational costs and position your inventory for quick delivery.

QuckBox’s expertise in fulfillment brings sophistication and technology into your fulfillment process to deliver actionable insights and improve your customer experience. Our carefully planned processes, state-of-the-art systems, and highly efficient operations allow your business to ship more orders without the cost of in-house research, warehousing or staff.

And with two warehouses strategically placed in the US, QuickBox is able to deliver your products in just 2-3 business days after an order is placed, benefitting the customer buying experience and wining you repeat business. 

QuickBox makes scalable growth of your business possible with operations in place to readily expand your inventory and fulfillment to meet future needs quickly and easily.