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Top 5 Determining Factors for Shopping Online & How Order Fulfillment Can Impact Them

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Based on previous years of holiday consumer results, we have seen and will continue to see, a rise in shopping online. With many big-box retailers developing creative solutions to enter the online market, many e-commerce business owners are struggling to compete. In this article we will look at the top 5 determining factors for why individuals participate in shopping online. We will also look at how supply chain management can impact each one of these […]

2018 Shopping Season Lessons: How a Fulfillment Partner Cuts Costs and Increase Speeds This Holiday Season

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Online shopping continues to take the world by a storm. That’s why studies from Adobe Digital Insights are confident that the industry is growing at 14% every year. However, it’s the last quarter of the year that carries the lion’s share of the sales. The shopping season – as November and December are referred- account for more than $100 billion of the sales. It is critical that ecommerce businesses are optimizing their shipping speeds and […]

How to Design a Holiday Fulfillment Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses

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Ecommerce keeps growing every year and breaking all the previous records. Indeed, there’s a reason why Adobe Digital Insights says the industry is increasing at a rate of 13% to 15% every year. But it is in the holidays that most people shop online. In fact, November and December account for more than $110 billion that online retailers make. Unfortunately, despite the hype surrounding eCommerce, delayed shipping still keeps the industry from its optimum potential. […]

5 E-Commerce Statistics to Inform Your Business Strategy

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As e-commerce continues to shape the global retail economy, consumer expectations and behaviors have made a dramatic shift. eCommerce statistics show that key online retailers, such as Amazon, have largely contributed to this shift. Consumers have grown accustomed to the Amazon model of speed in delivery, ease in return, and exceptional customer service. Businesses engaged in ecommerce need to meet higher customer expectations than ever before to gain and retain customers. After price, shipping speed […]

eCommerce Trade Shows in 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss

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eCommerce Trade Shows in 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss Anyone involved in the eCommerce industry knows in order to be successful you have to stay ahead of the times! That is why it is crucial to be in the know about events happening around the world that cover everything you need to know about the latest trends and software for eCommerce businesses. In this blog we go over the top ecommerce trade shows you […]