Importance of Bicoastal Shipping for eCommerce Businesses

bicoastal shipping

Some think, with an e-commerce business, it does not really matter where your location is because most operations are done online. Well, this is not completely true. Where your business functions happen, DOES matter! Location plays a crucial role in the overall success of any e-commerce business; great customer service is pegged on speed and efficiency when it comes to order processing and delivery. To receive positive feedback on delivery from your customers, it is important to carefully choose your distribution center that will manage your order fulfillment. Are you finding this task to be quite challenging? There is one popular strategy that is not only cost-saving, but also effective in enhancing e-commerce businesses – bicoastal shipping.

Do you operate an e-commerce business that serves customers from both the West and East coasts of the US?  A bicoastal shipping location will significantly reduce turnaround time associated with transit. Here are some other reasons why bicoastal shipping is important for e-commerce businesses;

Bicoastal Shipping Gives You Reduced Delivery Time

Regardless of where in the country a customer makes their order from, your customers will receive their purchases in good time. As opposed to retail distribution where goods enter a region through a single point before they are distributed, Atlanta fulfillment through bicoastal shipping would mean receiving goods through two points with each serving a portion of the land. Apart from quality of a product, delivery time is crucial to e-commerce; buyers want to receive their purchase as soon as possible. Many e-commerce sites actually lose out on business because they do not offer same day delivery.

Reduced cost of delivery with Bicoastal Shipping

You often hear people say that time is money and this makes sense for a e-commerce business as well. Think about how much time it would cost to transport a purchase from one side of the country to another as opposed to just carrying it halfway. Time is a valuable component of the distribution business because everyone wants to be served almost at the same time. Bicoastal shipping means more customers are served without much movement. The shorter the distance a product travels before reaching the buyer the less gas, driver allowance and mileage charged for distribution.

The shorter the distance a product travels before reaching the buyer the less gas, driver allowance and mileage charged for distribution.

Help Reduced Business Overheads

It might not make theoretical sense, but having more than one order fulfillment location will slash your overhead costs. With a bicoastal shipping arrangement, it is possible to establish stations in areas where labor, rent, taxes and even utilities are cheaper than average, like the city of Atlanta, GA. A great example here is choosing to have a distribution center in Atlanta instead of Los Angeles.

Simplified Returns

While most e-commerce businesses have a return policy, the actual process can get quite complicated. Irrespective of the reason for return, customers should not have to incur high delivery charges to hand in a return. Actually, the closer a return point is to them, the better it is for running a streamlined operation. Bicoastal shipping centers allow easy reach by customers and this encourages sales. Proximity to at least 2 main distribution hubs in the country, like Denver and Atlanta, allows returns and exchanges to happen in a prompt manner.

Enhanced Local Knowledge

Businesses thrive in an environment where customers feel that the workers and employees of an organization understand them. An e-commerce business with bicoastal order fulfilling station is likely to employ locals in the various centers. With local processes and a first-hand understanding of the lifestyle, these employees will be the vessel to a positive customer experience. 

Contingency Planning with a Bicoastal Shipping Strategy

Businesses need both short term and long term plans but these plans do not always work. With this knowledge in mind, it is important to prepare your e-commerce business for emergencies. Contingency planning involves thinking about the worst that could happen and coming up with strategies to keep the business afloat during these tough times. With bicoastal shipping facilities, a business is able to survive and continue operations even when one center is down for whatever reason. An e-commerce business should target speed and quality of service – fulfilling orders at times of crisis is easy if the operations of a certain center must be absorbed by another.


Are you weighing various locations as ideal for your e-commerce business? Instead of thinking about just one, consider the benefits of having multiple centers from which to fulfill orders. A business can have more than one running office because each of them serves a customer base that deserves to be facilitated and supported. The good news is that you can partner with experts in the industry. You do not have to establish an office from scratch when all you have to do is collaborate with a reputable bicoastal shipping partner.

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