Advantages of Atlanta Fulfillment for eCommerce Businesses

atlanta fulfillment

If you have given it a shot, you can attest to how hectic in-house order fulfillment is. It is for this reason that most businesses are going for outsourced order fulfillment services. If you don’t have your own warehouse, you can partner with a third-party logistics provider, to get your business running. Order fulfillment services will reduce your operation costs, enhance your customer service, save on time, expand your market, and allow for scalability, among other benefits. While choosing an order fulfillment service, factors such as the location should be put into consideration. Choosing an Atlanta fulfillment warehouse will be a smart move for the following reasons.

1. Access

When choosing a warehouse, you need to consider a location that allows easy access to your market. Atlanta fulfillment warehouses allow you to reach over three-quarters of the continental US. It will allow you accessibility to roads and highways, making it easy for you to reach your market. It takes a maximum of two days to transport your products across all the states that make up the continental USA.

Not only does this save time and fuel, but it also eliminates the need to have several warehouses that can offset your budget. 

Not only does this save time and fuel, but it also eliminates the need to have several warehouses that can offset your budget. 

2. A vibrant distribution center

Atlanta provides a vibrant business environment where you are likely to benefit if you have a distribution center. Atlanta has one of the fastest-growing business markets. It also houses the world’s business airport, which alone is a reason to consider it a distribution center. Warehousing has been declared a great business in Atlanta, which has also been fueled by the impressive growth of e-commerce. Atlanta shipping services are also world-class. 

3. Reliable land transportation

Transportation is a vital factor to consider when choosing a warehouse location. The supply chain is a long process that covers manufacturing to getting products in the hands of customers. Note that getting products in the hands of customers calls for transportation. At this point, you should be asking questions such as does the warehouse location has to access interstate highways? Are there rail lines? And so on. 

Atlanta is served by three major interstate highways, allowing access to major rail lines and an international airport. Atlanta’s extensive transport system will cost you less and allow you to serve your customers to their satisfaction. Choosing a warehouse in Atlanta will be a smart move.

4. Availability of labor for Atlanta Fulfillment

When choosing a warehouse location, the availability of cost-effective and skilled labor is among the essential factors to consider. The demographics of Atlanta are suitable for your warehousing needs. The supply and demand workforce in Atlanta is designed such that you will get the desired workforce and at the right price. The workforce will have a direct impact on your company’s productivity and operation costs.

The Atlanta fulfillment workforce is highly experienced, which you can count on to cater to your order fulfillment needs. 

5. Scalability with Atlanta Fulfillment

While choosing a warehouse, you need to evaluate if the warehouse will be able to accommodate your growing order fulfillment needs. At this point, you should ask if the warehouse has room for expansion. This is something that you will not have to worry about if you partner with an Atlanta fulfillment service provider.

Note that Atlanta has a vast supply of industrial space. This means that a warehousing company in Atlanta will, at no point, run out of space to handle your inventory. It will offer you a flexible storage space, which will cater to your need when your order fulfillment needs shrink and when they also expand. 

6. Expansive air cargo capacity

Land transportation is not the only impressive thing about warehousing in Atlanta. Atlanta’s International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, handles 625,000 metric tons of cargo every year. This is evidence that there is enough air cargo capacity to handle your goods. Atlanta shipping services are reliable. 

Atlanta’s International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, handles 625,000 metric tons of cargo every year.

Atlanta Fulfillment is a Great Option for Your eCommerce Business

Outsourcing order fulfillment functions is something that most businesses are going for. It has proved to be advantageous in both the area of cost-effectiveness and in achieving customer satisfaction. It is critical to put in careful thought when choosing an order fulfillment partner, and one of the things you should look at is where the warehouse is located. Atlanta fulfillment will make the best pick.

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