An introduction to third party supply chain management provider companies

Have you ever heard of third-party logistics companies? More commonly known as order fulfillment companies, these firms work to improve the logistics and supply chain management of other companies who are often not too familiar with the order fulfillment services.   Generally, the companies who work on e-commerce order fulfillment services work on contractual basis and function like a warehouse and shipping department completing all the integrated operation of transportation services also for the other businesses. Helping any company in supporting the company’s all kind of distribution and order fulfillment services, the third-party logistics providers are specialized in customizing and scaling their services as per client’s business needs. Usually helpful for small business, the order fulfillment companies actually allow these businesses to take a support of their logistic services thereby reducing their stress of maintaining and managing
  • Limited Staff
  • Limited Space
  • Limited Money, and
  • Limited Time.
So, rather than developing and maintaining their own logistics and distribution department; small businesses can easily avail the services of Outsourced Pick, Pack & ship Company. And with their increasing demand in the market, these companies have now started giving the provisions for raw material also. Thus, it can be said that the third party supply chain management provider companies function more than just offering logistics and distribution services as they have now included value-added services of procurement of goods and production also.

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