5 eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trends

ecommerce 2020 pet care trends

The value of the pet industry spending is expected to reach $100 billion by the end of 2020. Since 1994, the industry has been experiencing a steady rise every year, which is not about to stop. The increase in the number of pets and their demand brings excellent news to your pet business. It brings opportunities of growth, innovation in the industry, and, of course, increase competition. In order to remain competitive and be the market leader, you need to verse yourself with the top e-commerce 2020 pet care trends.

eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trend #1: Storytelling

The number of pets and pet parents is increasing. Consequently, there is an increase in demand for pet products. This has caused the saturation of the pet market and increased competition, and particularly in the pet e-commerce space. Therefore, businesses have to put in a lot of work to grab shoppers’ attention. 

Storytelling is the tactic you will see pet businesses using in 2020. A brand’s story is about the origin of the brand, life, meaning, and the value of products. Through storytelling, the brand’s personality is built, which is what makes it unique and memorable. Storytelling helps pet brands capture the emotions of their customers and connect them in a very competitive industry while making customers feel like they have invested in a good brand, which creates loyalty.

eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trend #2: Keto diet

The other trend to watch out for in the e-commerce pet industry is the Keto diet. In 2019, the Ketogenic diet became popular among human beings due to their amazing health benefits. As much as this was a human trend, which started as a treatment for epilepsy, it is a trend in the pet world in 2020. Keto diet consists of a 1:1 ratio of quality proteins and healthy fats.

Why is this becoming a trend in the pet industry? There has been a notable increase in diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity among pets. Therefore, there is a need to feed them healthy foods that will reduce the risk of developing such conditions. 

eCommerce brands are promoting Keto-friendly pet foods and educating their customers on it’s health benefits. 

eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trend #3: Pet technology

Just like in most industries, pet smart technologies are a rising trend in 2020. The technologies are meant to make pets comfortable and pet parenting easier. eCommerce businesses are introducing automated pet innovations to make pet parenting responsibilities simpler. 

Examples of smart technologies for pets include smart leashes, which can help pet parents track the distance spent while taking their pets for a walk. This is designed to aid in the accomplishment of pet fitness goals. Pet cameras can also help pet parents monitor their pets from work and other places away from home.

Another recent development in pet innovation includes automatic feeders. You can set feeding times to ensure that your pet has a regular feeding pattern even when you are away. A self-warming pet bed will keep your dog comfortable during the cold season and nights. Automatic toys and security products are also some of the pet innovations that customers will be looking for from e-commerce stores in 2020.

eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trend #4: Omni-Channel shopping

Omni-channel shopping will be a crucial element in the success of e-commerce stores in the pet industry. For e-commerce businesses to get their game on top in the pet industry in 2020, they are offering their customers with convenience. Pet businesses will be providing their customers with more than one way of shopping with them. 

Consumers of pet products want to be able to shop online, use an app to shop, and even shop in your site. This will be a growing expectation in 2020 for all the pet businesses. Customers want to shop under their terms, and companies in this industry have started to take note of that. 

eCommerce 2020 Pet Care Trend #5: Social media marketing

Marketing in the pet industry is taking to social media platforms. Pets dominate social media pop culture. Studies show that 65% of pet owners post their pets on social media platforms at least twice a week, and some pets even have social media profiles! Pet owners’ traffic on various social media platforms is an opportunity for players in the pet industry. 

Social media marketing is becoming a crucial component for growing pet care brands. 

To Conclude

It is an extremely exciting time to be apart of the e-commerce pet care industry. There are many emerging e-commerce 2020 pet care trends that you need to keep up with in order to be a leader in the pet industry. Social media marketing, keto diet, omni-channel shopping, and brand storytelling are only a few of the pet industry e-commerce trends that will take off this year.

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