Top Four 2020 Beauty Industry Trends

2020 beauty industry trends

The global beauty and wellness industry, valued at five trillion dollars, thrived and flourished in the past year. The industry is set for redefinition and blossoming as the new decade unravels. 2020 promises exciting trends in the beauty industry, as the demographic range of core consumers beauty products expands. Read more to discover the top 4 2020 beauty industry trends.

2020 Beauty Industry Trend 1: Proliferation of ageless health and beauty products

The past year was marked by an expansion in the age bracket of the primary consumers of beauty products. In the early years of the past decade, the primary consumers of beauty products were girls and women between the ages of 16 to 40 years old, according to a research by L’Oreal Paris. This demographic bracket is set to increase following a growing interest in the mature health and beauty sub-segment. 

Various cosmetic companies are likely to produce much more than just anti-aging products for elderly men and women. We are likely to see a proliferation of ageless beauty products such as various shades of foundation and skincare items. Global cosmetic brands are likely to embrace ageless health and beauty products and reward their older generation of their consumers with more targeted products. 

2020 Beauty Industry Trend 2: Hyper-personalized beauty products

In the last few years, we have seen a slight shift in the approach to the production of skincare products. Companies now seek to personalize and customize their beauty products to better suit their customers. Companies have previously experimented with personalizing beauty products to suit the microbiome and genetic make-up of specific clients. High-end clients have had their skin swabs taken to test bacterial analysis and for DNA analysis too, allowing them to receive products that are customized to their genetic make-up and specifically their microbiomes.

The company Sisley, has developed a technological tool known as the Hair Rituel Analyzer. It gives a highly customized and accurate diagnosis of hair and scalp fibre, allowing a customer to better track progress and bespoke a routine. This more targeted approach to health and beauty is likely to receive a boost in the year 2020 as more health and beauty companies adopt it and expand it to include more clients; not just the high-end clientele with higher spending power. 

Beauty technologists are also working to proliferate home technology to help people determine their specific health and beauty needs by themselves, so they can order specific products. For example, HiMirror is a new technology that uses mobile photography to analyze a person’s skin condition via a photo and stores data to track progress over time. This allows them to determine whether the beauty products for their skin are actually working. It is a home technology that works like a virtual skincare consultant and helps assess a person’s skin for wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, skin roughness, pore size and blemishes. 

Procter and Gamble are expected to launch a new technology dubbed Opte Precision Wand in 2020. This revolutionary technology identifies skin imperfections and determines which specific areas one should apply make-up to avoid wasting health and beauty products on places that do not need coverage. 

2020 Beauty Industry Trend 3: Enhanced use of microbiome skincare technology

In the past year, the facial skincare market experienced phenomenal growth that saw an upsurge in interest in microbiomes, the microorganisms on and inside the human body. According to Google statistics, internet searches for ‘microbiome’ increased by more than 110% in 2019. Microbiomes are as person-specific and distinct as human DNA and everyone has unique ones. 

Beauty industry giants have thus identified microbiomes as the next frontier in skincare products research and production. Some of the leading companies have dedicated teams and production units to develop and advance microbiome technology for health and beauty products. Advanced microbiome technology used to produce these products is definitely a key 2020 beauty industry trend. Sophisticated microbiome technology will be in the forefront of skincare beauty products production in the new decade. It shall be applied in the development of a wide range of products ranging from beauty products such as anti-aging products to health products such as acne treatment oil and lotions. 

The use of microbiome technology in developing such products ensures that the products penetrate deeper and leads to better skincare due to maintenance of bacterial homeostasis. 

2020 Beauty Industry Trend 4: Advancement of beauty and mental health conversations

Another unmistakable 2020 beauty industry trend is greater focus on the advancement of beauty and mental health conversations. More and more people are focusing more on wellness as a core element in the health and beauty industry. Millennials, especially, have mental health concerns as relates to health and beauty. They have been dubbed the ‘anxious generation’ and are the most likely to report concerns that regard to mental health. Health and beauty brands are likely to offer more products that offer moments of sensorial experiences as well as products that prop up the emotional, physical and mental well-being of millennials in the new year 2020.

The promises of 2020

Overall, 2020 promises to be a fulfilling year for the beauty industry. Most of the trends in the new decade are a continuation from the year 2019. The most consistent factor is that 2020 beauty industry trends are likely to become more digital in what is termed as ‘phygital beauty’. 

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