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Developing a Solid Shipping & Fulfillment Strategy

shipping strategy

When starting an e-commerce business one often thinks once you have a solid product and marketing plan, the rest is easy. Truth be told, how you go about fulfilling your customer’s orders can be one of the most challenging aspects of running your business. Without a solid shipping strategy and fulfillment plan, you could ignite fires that in the end cause you to loose ecommerce customers. Backorders, lost or damaged packages, lost money on shipping […]

Pick Pack Methods When Fulfilling Orders for E-commerce

Pick Pack Methods

Written by Jessica Barfied  | Published by QuickBox Fulfillment This guide takes a closer look at different pick pack methods available to e-commerce companies when it comes to fulfilling orders. Which one is right for you? Pick, pack and ship. That might sound pretty easy and straightforward on paper, but the reality is often a different story. A great order fulfillment strategy starts with the right pick and pack method. After all, there’s a lot […]

5 E-Commerce Statistics to Inform Your Business Strategy

ecommerce statistics

As e-commerce continues to shape the global retail economy, consumer expectations and behaviors have made a dramatic shift. eCommerce statistics show that key online retailers, such as Amazon, have largely contributed to this shift. Consumers have grown accustomed to the Amazon model of speed in delivery, ease in return, and exceptional customer service. Businesses engaged in ecommerce need to meet higher customer expectations than ever before to gain and retain customers. After price, shipping speed […]