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Critical Metrics of Measurement Your Fulfillment Center Should Track

Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by Quick-Box Fulfillment  Is your fulfillment center tracking these fulfillment metrics? When evaluating a fulfillment provider, there are three important critical fulfillment metrics that should be measured that most other fulfillment centers don’t track or report. Take a moment to learn about the top three and why they are so important. 1.) Time to Home Each month your fulfillment center should measure and validate the time it takes for […]

D2C Pain Points and Solutions For e-Commerce Business

D2C Pain Points

Written by Jessica Barfield  |  Published by QuickBox Fulfillment  When looking for a fulfillment center to support and manage the logistics of your thriving e-commerce business, it is important to know the common D2C pain points before you decide on the correct fit. Even more important is what solutions the fulfillment center will offer if/when those D2C pain points arise. Yet sadly, most fulfillment centers arose from a retail background with little to no experience […]